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    ...than just protect animals from cruelty

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What's the cost of working with outdated animal law?

3-words to update the law, bring about nationwide change replicating today's best practices, and enable fresh solutions to "animal, people, planet" programs.

This website lets you know about the 3-word law reform that updates law for government, NGO's, industry and the public which starts with giving sentient animals the quality of life experience you inherently know they "should" have.

That "positive animal law" reform is NOT just a paper theory. It has been implemented in Australia and we're looking for your help in replicating that success worldwide.

Law which gives animals a life enjoyed rather than just endured, is “the right thing” for many societal, environmental and economic reasons. We believe it's also the right thing to do as people who are responsible for the life experience of animals in our care. 

The Sentient Animal Law Foundation is led by experts in animal law, public law and law reform. That means Sentient Animal Law is uniquely positioned as legal experts on how to write law that really works in practice to improve the daily life experience of all sentient animals.

  • We work alongside NGOs on how to speak with one voice for the law reform that removes long-standing barriers to achieving their organisation's objectives.
  • We collaborate with governments and industries demonstrating how the 3-word law reform meets today's social licence requirements.
  • And we are the means of putting your voice alongside the thousands of people who expect modern law to do more than just protect animals from cruelty.

How to make that happen?

There are many people and organisations with wonderful ideas about how animals "should", or even "could", be better treated.

The ultimate question underpinning all of them is "HOW" to make those objectives a reality - not just in some places, but in ALL locations? And not just for some animals but for ALL animals?

Answer: Use the law.

The law is unique among change management tools:

Using the law is one of the strongest, simplest and most effective ways. Here's why.

First of all, the law applies to everyone which is a critical consideration when you need universal change. Law not only mandates what's acceptable in terms of acceptable behaviour (or not), it also shapes personal and public attitudes. And only the law has the power to ensure nationwide changes in people's behaviours because it is the only tool that can remove people’s money, property and freedoms if their behaviours don’t comply with legal requirements.

However, the law can be slow to evolve. This causes frustration and dismay to those people who recognise that outdated law continues to classify many outdated procedures as ‘lawful’. This can permit and
perpetuate practices that no longer fit with up-to-date science, the expectations of modern society, or the requirements of today's corporate social licence.

Without this law reform, animal's lives continue to be benchmarked by their justifiable suffering.

Alternatively, we can update the rulebook so there's responsibility for their pleasures as well.

Join us to give them a life worth living

Positive animal welfare law is no pipe dream, as demonstrated by the fact that the doorway to that vision has recently been unlocked by one government that have implicitly enacted it.

Other governments across the globe are looking at the issue of animal sentience as part of their animal law reforms.

With your help, Sentient Animal Law is focused on helping decision-makers to find and open that sentient doorway to positive animal welfare law as quickly and efficiently as possible. The outcome of that reform would see not just “some” animals, or even “many” animals, butall” sentient animals, experiencing a quality of life that’s enjoyed not just endured.

Remember, because there’s an inseparable relationship between animals and people, that reform has enormous significance for the lives of people as well.  

A task of that magnitude is going to need the skills, time and help of a team of good people who want to focus on this singular ground-roots change that will see a review upward of all current standards which shape an animal's life experience.

We're looking for the champions, the visionaries, "our" people - those who want to help update the rulebook so that "it's the law" that animals are not just protected from cruelty but also given access to comfort, interests, and pleasure.

We know how to make that happen. So, if you're an individual or organisation who cares about the life experience of animals, then we’d love to talk with you about how to make that vision a reality, together.

This is a roots-up law reform that’s foundational to the objectives of governments, non-government organisations, industry, and, of course, the lives of animals.  Think about where animals intersect with people in daily life and you’ll see why updating the law is such an enormous potential gamechanger.

But it's a "potential" gamechanger because "positive animal welfare law for law's sentient animal" is still widely misunderstood. That means there's a risk that the opportunities inherent in animal law reforms, will be delayed or even lost. Animals, people, and industry would consequently labour under well-intended but substandard law for decades to come.

Action is needed "now" because right now there are a number of jurisdictions in the process of updating their animal law and considering "explicitly" recognising animal sentience as part of that possible reform. It's a good start - but without a legislative definition that changes the DUTY OF CARE, simply recognising animals as sentient will predictably fail to deliver meaningful change to the daily life experience of animals, and people.

In the last few months, the Sentient Animal Law Foundation has provided submissions to the post-Brexit UK, Victoria (Australia) and Queensland (Australia). Those submissions set out how animal sentience is the doorway to including positive animal law in their reform.

Ian A. Robertson


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As a Foundation,...

...we do this through the processes of education, lobbying and collaborative assistance with organisations whose objectives are aligned with the concept of advancing law so that it gives all sentient animals a life enjoyed, not just endured.

There are many ways to make a difference in the world, lots of wonderful animal charities and animal-related causes. This one helps ALL of them by updating the law so that it reflects today's standards of good practice, scientific knowledge and the expectations of those who know we need to do more than simply protect animals from cruelty.

Positive animal welfare law would mean every sentient animal must be given access to comfort, interest, and pleasure. That's a pragmatic and attainable way of really making a difference to their daily life experience which is better for them, better for you, and better for our shared environment. So, ...

... be a voice for a life enjoyed

The Sentient Animal Law Foundation